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In 1975 nothing about reconditioned packaging was written in the UN Orange Book. As an individual it was not possible to be heard at the UN Committee of Experts on the transport of dangerous goods and therefore it was necessary to establish an European Organization.

In 1978 the UN Committee of Experts on the transport of dangerous goods agreed that Serred had an observer seat and that it could address the meeting on packaging issues. At a later stage this seat was transferred to ICCR, who continue to represent the world-wide reconditioning industry at UN meetings.

Serred mission statement is to promote the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible design, manufacturing, collection, reconditioning, remanufacturing and re-use of reusable industrial packaging, including preparation for recycling at the end of its useful life.

Serred is representing 14 European countries and has a total of 28 individual members.

Serred’s members are reconditioning over 12 million steel and plastic drums and over 3 million IBC’s per year.

Serred and its membership have a tremendous knowhow and experience in the field of industrial packaging.

Through this knowhow and experience Serred’s members can offer the industry the service to help the packaging users and or emptiers to meet the demands for a responsible and sustainable use of industrial packaging.

All of the industry’s industrial packaging achievements can be helped by the member companies within Serred.

Information about the Serred membership is available on the website www.serred.org


2nd International Conference on Industrial Packaging 2013

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Recommendation to EU Directive 94/62/EC on Packaging and Packaging Waste